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Hello bookworms!

One fact about me, I am inlove with autumn. And this coming September 22 other countries will officially welcome that season.

Oh look at that ๐Ÿ˜
That guy posing in that breath-taking view is my classmate in freshmen year. 

While here I am in the Philippines just imagining myself that I am in the middle of that beautiful scenery of trees with colorful leaves, my left hand is holding a mug of hot coffee and my right hand is holding a book. 

Is it just me? Or do you love autumn too? 

Wish we could go to other countries someday...

Well, let's claim it!! 

But in the meantime, let our minds journey into the fantasy world as I share with you the fantasy books I've read and I'm currently reading for this month of September plus my top three favorite lines. 


1. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I've seen 'Shadowhunter' in Netflix and I have this habit to google the film or tv show first before I watch it. And I've found out that the tv show is based on the book series 'The Mortal Instruments' written by Cassandra Clare. And there's also a film with the same name of the book starring L-I-L-Y C-O-L-L-I-N-S! OMG. I am a big fan of her! And my bookworm heart is so happy to find the book with her lovely face in the cover during the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale last February 2020! 

It's the first book of The Mortal Instruments Series. 

I started reading it during the Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ). I even put in on my blog, the - 19 THINGS TO DO DURING THE ENHANCE COMMUNITY QUARANTINE but I wasn't able to finish it because I got addicted to Mobile Legends. Sorry. 

I resume reading it this month and I finally finished it on the first week. 

It's an action packed adventure that will take you around New York City through:

๐Ÿ“The five-dimensional door or simply portal that will take you anywhere in the dimension that you want to go.

๐Ÿ“Carriage of horses that will take you to the City of Bones or Bones City or Silent City located in the cemetery of Manhattan where the Silent Brothers are residing. Their lips are crisscrossed with stitches and they speak through the mind of whoever they talk to.

๐Ÿ“Vampire bikes that could fly which Jace and Clary used to escape the cluster of vampires that's coming after them in Hotel Dumort. They flown from the tenth floor towards Queensboro Bridge and landed in the waterfront of Brooklyn.

๐Ÿ“Van going to Clary's home from the Church that the shadowhunters inhabited and became their Institute. They passed by Manhattan Bridge. 

In this journey into The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones world, you will meet a lot of creatures that some of them I've never known or heard before such as mundane - that's what they call for the ordinary human. Shadowhunters a half-human and half-angel demon hunter sometimes called the nephilim. There are also creatures that I've met in other books and shows such as warlocks, vampires, werewolves, fair folk and demon. 

And I would like to express my admiration to the writer for her imagination of these characters and for writing lines that I can personally relate to. 

Here are my top three favorite lines out of 505 pages:

"My father believed in a righteous God. Deus volt, that was his motto - because God wills it."

I really love it when a writer share something about the character's beliefs. It's just a brief statement but it's life-changing. 

All you ever needed is your pencils and your imaginary worlds." 

I love everything written on this page but highlighted this line because Simon triggered me haha but yes, a pen, notebook and my imaginary world is all I needeed uhm most of the time. And for sure, my fellow writers will agree to this. And so artists. Maybe everyone who has creative side and are introverted type. 

"My mom says you only need three people you can rely on in order to achieve self-actualization."

And this is the major take-away for me. This let me think of who are the three people that I can rely on in order to achieve self-actualization? 

You can also ask that to yourself. 

Who are the three people that you can rely on in order to achieve self-actualization? 

"What are you doing here, anyway?" 

"Here' as in your bedroom or 'here' as in the great spiritual question of our purpose here in this planet? If you're asking whether it's all just a cosmic coincidence or there's a greater meta-ethical purpose to life, well, that's a puzzler for the ages. I mean, simple ontological reductionism is clearly a fallacious argument, but-"

Jace sounds so genius here talking about his purpose, too bad, Clary cut him. I've wanted them to talk deeper about purpose. Because, it's important to know our purpose here in the planet. And to live by it. 

2. Vampires of Manhanttan: The New Blue Bloods Coven by Melissa De La Cruz 

I bought it for two reasons: 

No. 1 - Vampire is my favorite character from  modern fantasy fiction since 2017. 

No. 2 - De La Cruz is a common surname in the Philippines which is also my maternal grandmother surname. So, I made a research about the author and found out that she's indeed a Filipino, born and raised in Manila and immigrated to the United States when she was 13. Amazing. I always feel a pang of pride to know fellow Filipinos making a significant contributions in other countries. 

I bought it last year in National Bookstore and just keep it. It's really one of my hobbies, to buy books even if I won't read it yet, it just makes me so happy seeing them in my own bookshelf. Hehe. 

When I started reading it on the second week of this month, I got hook from the very first page and can't stop myself from turning the pages. I won't stop til I figured out who's the person behind the appearing of the pentagrams all over New York City, the killing of the two mortal girls, and the breaching of the Coven code. Even when I'm in the shower my mind is still on it. So, I rushed taking shower and eating to get back reading. 

Kudos to the writer for her brilliant imagination and writing skills. I had a hard time predicting til page 205 -which is good. 

I like how she write it from the perspective of the six main characters instead of choosing one - in that case I get to understand each one of them. By the way, the characters were part of the Blue Blood series. As for me, it didn't seem to be a problem not reading the books prior because it's a whole new story, it's about their life ten years after they vanquished lucifer and the writer shares a glimpse of their past when needed. 

And I enjoyed it's contradiction to other stories like Shadowhunter which is also here in my September Reading List. In this book, the vampire is the protagonist and here, nephilim are half-demon, half human abominations whereas in Shadowhunter, nephilim is the protagonist, they are half-angel, half human demon hunter. 

The only thing common in these two books is the setting. They will both take you to New York City. Well, for a vampire, they really belong to the city that never sleeps, right?

The most notable places for me in this journey into the Vampires of Manhanttan: The New Blue Bloods Coven world are:

๐Ÿ“Oliver's apartment in 13 Central Park West where the Empire State Building loomed in the background. 

๐Ÿ“Ara's office with a panoramic view of Brooklyn Bridge and the bright lights of the city

Just wow. 

And for my favorite lines, oh, actually I had a long list but I can't post all 222 pages. 

So, here are my top three favorite lines that really strikes my heart:

"They had been married for seven wonderful years. And it was wonderful to be with one's beloved. Kingsley loved her, he loved her so much but sometimes, once you had your beloved, it was natural to pay attention to other things. After all, that was the point, wasn't it? Of a so-called happy ending? To move on to other concerns? To stop worrying about love?"

I don't wanna be a spoiler but this is the moment that Kingsley and Mimi is facing separation trial after seven years of being together. Seven years. Some thought, that there's a curse in seven years. Hmm... But Kingley has a point in saying 'once you had your beloved, it was natural to pay attention to other things'.

"So Kingsley ran as fast as he'd ever run in his life and caught the back handle of the last train car. He jumped on the back of the train, catching his breath. He had promised her, the day they were married: Wherever you are, I will be. And he, for one, was not about to break a promise."

Kingsley is the sweetest! It makes me wish that there's someone like him somewhere in the real world where I really live in. 
"Venators were often single because no one could keep up relationships with the hours they kept." 

Well, there are really jobs that makes entering relationship or keeping a relationship hard. 

3. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

It was given to me by someone close to my heart some time in September. By looking at it, I feel nostalgic. It reminds me of my high school years back in my hometown. I used to watch the Twilight film in our old dvd player. And I vividly remember how careful I was with the disc so that it won't have scratches and blemishes. 

The book is told in Bella's POV, we will join her in  her journey from Phoenix to Forks. 

The main setting of the story is in a small town of Forks in the Olympic Peninsula of northwest Washington State where it rains more than any other place in the United States. And I love it. It's a mood to curl up and read book. 

But Bella doesn't like the rain, and snow. That's the first conflict I've recorded. Bella doesn't like cold. Edward's body is ice-cold. 

And followed by, Bella loves the sun and the blistering heat. Edward or the Cullens don't show up with human if the weather is good. Bella likes to go to the beach. Edward or the Cullens don't come to the beach in La Push. 

What more? Bella is human. Edward is vampire. 

There are too many conflicts between the two of them and I don't know yet how they will manage their relationship here in the book. I'm still in page 273 of 498. Reading this on and off, because it seems like I've fallen out of love for young adult, romance genre or the high school set-up. 

I never thought my book preference will change over time. 

But I'm going to finish it before the month ends, and I think I need to read the Midnight Sun, it retells the events of Twilight in Edward's POV maybe then I will have a better understanding why he often tells Bella to stay away from him when actually he is the one going to Bella in the first place. 

Here are my top 3 favorite lines:

"Living with Charlie was like having my own place, and I found myself reveling in the aloneness instead of being lonely."

I like this line because I also found myself reveling in the aloneness and that being alone is not lonely. 

"The Danag, was a Filipino vampire supposedly responsible for planting taro on the islands long ago." 

I just want to mark this to remember that once upon a time the word 'Filipino' has been written in the #1 New York Bestseller book. 

"They didn't know how preoccupied I could get when surrounded by books; It was something I preferred to do alone."

Every bookworms can relate to this! 

So, that's it for my September 2020 Reading List + Favorite Lines. 

Did you enjoy our journey to New York and Forks? Let me know in the comment section. I would love to hear your thoughts. You can also share the books that you've read or your currently reading or books you will read next. :") 

And now as we comeback to the real world, I would like to point you to the real meaning of Nephilim that the two writer used in their books, you can find it in the Book of Genesis chapter 6. 

I hope you also spend time reading the Bible.

See you on our next journey! :") 

So much love, 


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