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Good news! After months of suffering from flaking and itchy scalp and also months of trying different anti-dandruff shampoo and medicated shampoo, finally, I am dandruff-free!! 

Thanks to Naturals by Watsons Aloe Vera and Scalp Tonic!

I bought it on the first week of December with a hope that it will rid my dandruff. And it did! 

I used it twice daily. Since I have long thick hair, I spray it generously on my damp hair right after bath and on my dry hair before I sleep at night and massage it on my scalp and on my hair. It leaves a mild fragrance on my hair that I really love to smell from time to time and a moisture-balanced scalp that rid dandruff and prevent it from coming back.

What I love more about it? It is certified organic! Double the power of aloe vera for extra strengthening: Organic aloe vera juice from UK that nourishes the hair and soothes dry and itchy scalps to prevent flaking and natural aloe vera extract from US that replenishes the hair's moisture deep down. 

It also contains salicylic acid that prevents dandruff and regulate sebum for dry and oily scalp.

It is free from paraben a class of widely used preservatives in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, colourants  a substance that is added or applied in order to change the colour of a material or surface and isothiazolinone heterocyclic chemical compound related to isothiazole. Together with their wanted function, controlling or killing microorganisms, isothiazolinones also have undesirable effects: They have a high aquatic toxicity and some derivatives can cause hypersensitivity by direct contact or via the air.

Naturals by Watsons - Aloe Vera Hair and Scalp Tonic 120 ml costs P229.00 and I'm so blessed to buy it during their buy one take one promo.  

I'm so eager to go back to Watsons, no, I'm not going to hoard, I want to buy Naturals Shampoo.

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