Living in the hustle and bustle of the big city for almost three years made me appreciate the life in the province more than ever. 

The fresh and cool weather. 
The green fields.
The mountain scenery. 
The river. 
The rooster's crow in the morning.  
The vegetables in the backyard. 
The sounds of cicadas at night. 
And the presence of my family. 

Ahh... Province life. 💚

In this new chapter of my life comes a new segment in my blog. 

Sweet's Journey in the Province. 

It is to show you the beauty of my province. The beauty of Negros Occidental. From the people, language spoken, culture, foods to the places.

Month by month I'll publish a blog post about my journey in the province. I'll start off with November, my first month here. 

But before I tour you around, let me take you first to the place where I grew up, with side stories here and there. 


Our home is located in the rural area of Bacolod City. Bacolod is the capital city of the province of Negros Occidental. 

And this is my favorite part of our home. 

The garden. 

When it's not raining, I spend the morning here, inhaling the fresh air, drinking coffee and just appreciating the surroundings. All I can see is the different kinds of plants and it is so refreshing to my eyes. 

Do you want to stay here? 

You should know, we have no Wi-Fi, the data connection is very slow but I am fine with that as long as I am with my family. 

We bond through cooking. Sometimes, I cook for them the dishes I learned from living independently such as Laswa (Vegetable Soup). It is an ilonggo dish. 

Ilonggo are a Visayan ethnic group whose primary language is Hiligaynon, an Austronesian language of the Visayan branch native to PanayGuimaras, and Negros.

The vegetables I usually used are:
Kalabasa (Squash) 
Talong (Eggplant)
Balatong (Yard long bean)
Okra (Lady's finger) 
Tugabang (Jute mallow)

You can also used papaya instead of squash. And add moringa. 

It's so easy to cook Laswa. 

You'll just have to mixed the squash, eggplant, yard long bean, lady's finger and shrimp in a pot with water. 
Wait until it boils then you can add the jute mallow. 
Salt to taste and voila! You have a Laswa. 

The best part of it is, we can find some of the ingredients in the backyard. It's healthy and inexpensive. Try it! 

Most of the time, it is mother who cooks for the family. She tried to teach me before but my laziness get the best of me. But now, I'm willing to learn because I have experienced how hard it is to be away from them without a knowledge in the kitchen. That's why, I'm also encouraging my 14 year old niece to practice as early as now. 

I'll share with you more dishes soon!


Just a few meters away from home is a river. 

This place holds a lot of happy memories with my family, childhood friends and high school classmates. And it feels so good to be back here with my long time friend who's too camera shy. 

The river changed. And so do we. The river became shallow or is it because we grew taller? While we became deep. The happy go lucky kids now talks about building a house, starting a family and setting up a business. And we're both amazed for that changes in our lives. 

I'll take you now to the city and neighbor town to catch up with my college friends. 


It is a restaurant situated in the seaside of Barangay Banago, Bacolod City. Hence the name Palawud. 

Palawud is derived from the hiligaynon word pa which means "to go" and lawod which means "sea". 

It's a perfect place to unwind.

It's accessible to the public, you can book a grab, take taxi or jeepney en route Banago-Libertad. We just ride a jeepney from the Bacolod downtown area and told the driver to drop us off to Palawud. Fare is P10.00 as of November, 2020. 

They offer plenty of food choices from appetizer, soup, chicken, veggie, seafood, pork, dessert in affordable prices. We ordered:

Sinigang na Baboy P210.00, Pancit Guisado P160.00 and Calamares P230.00. 

The three viands were sufficient for the five of us. 

And we really had a great time. We commend the waiter who attended to us. I'll come back for... sunset. Hehe. 

And we're down to our last destination. 


It is a municipality located at the center of the mountains of northern Negros Occidental. 

The town is named after the former Vice Governor Salvador V. Benedicto (Mar. 31, 1889–Nov. 28, 1956) who played an important role in the setting up of a Revolutionary Government in Negros Island when the country was occupied by the Japanese during World War II. He was also the main guerrilla coordinator in both Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental during the said war.

Don Salvador Benedicto or DSB is designated as the "Summer Capital of Negros Occidental" and dubbed as the "Little Baguio of Negros Occidental" because of its sharp-turns-and-blind-curves-road, colder climate and lush highland forests similar to Baguio. 

It's a must visit place!

It's a two hour scenic drive from Bacolod City South Terminal. Bus fare is P110.00 as of November, 2020. 

I've been to DSB numerous times in different tourist spots. And I'm always in awe of its beauty. 

In this trip, we planned to spend the day in Jomax Peak, a place with panaromic view of the mountains that I was sooo excited to see and to share it with you all, unfortunately it was reserved for a prenup shoot. Our bad, because we didn't inquire first. 

So, we ended up coffee shop hopping. 

DSB has a lot of coffee shop with a lush mountain backdrop. 

Here's two of the coffee shop we have visited for this trip featuring the food I ordered:


Batchoy P100.00 with a view of Malatan-og Falls. 


Half-empty Native Coffee with Milk and a view of the lush mountains.

That's all for this month's journey in my province. Please leave a reaction or comment if you enjoyed it! See you next month! 

So much love, 


  1. What a truly fabulous post! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you Anastasia! I hope you could visit Negros Occidental, Philippines, someday... 🤗


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