Maayong hapon sa tanan! It means "Good afternoon everyone!" 

I'm back again for the segment "Sweet's Journey in the Province."

If you are following my journey, you would notice that in the first quarter of 2021, I seldom share a blog post. In fact, I've only published 3.  It's because I'm visiting pastries, cakes and coffee shops here in Bacolod that I'm planning to share with you all soon so it would make it easier for you to decide where your next destinations will be once traveling returns to normal. 

But right now, I just can't wait to share this to my fellow ilonggo that the coffeeshop I love in Manila is finally here in Bacolod!!! 


(Sorry for the exclamation point, I'm just really so happy that they're here)

This coffee shop holds a lot of major first in my life. Like first date. First time I used my credit card (jeez). AND IT IS ALSO WHERE I FIRST PUBLISHED MY FIRST EVER BLOG POST. 

It's no other than Coffee Project, and it deserves a welcome blog from me! 

Come and join me in my journey to Coffee Project-Bacolod!

Let's go!


They are located in Level 1, Vista Mall Bacolod, GM Cordova - Buri Road, Barangay Mandalagan near Camella Subdivision. 

📍If you are coming from North Terminal, ride a jeepney (Bata, Mandalagan, Northbound) and tell the driver to drop you off to Lopues Mandalagan. Then ride a tricycle to Vista Mall. 

📍If you are coming from South Terminal, ride a jeepney (Shopping Lasalle) then transfer to another jeepney (Shopping Northbound) and tell the driver to drop you off to City Mall Mandalagan. Then ride a tricycle to Vista Mall. 

📍If you are coming from downtown area, ride a jeepney (Bata or Mandalagan) and tell the driver to drop you off to City Mall Mandalagan. Then ride a tricycle to Vista Mall. 

Tricycle fare is P20.00. It's just a 5-10 minutes drive away from Lopues Mandalagan / City Mall Mandalagan. 


They are open from Monday to Sunday, 7 am to 10 pm.

They are on their soft-opening and the staffs are mostly from other provinces. The one I talked to came from Cagayan. Their grand opening will be on April 4, 2021.


When I enter the place, I had my name listed in their log book and had my temperature checked.


I was kinda surprised of the bright lightings unlike the dim lightings in other branches I've been to before. And I just thought, maybe they choose bright colors to fit so well in the city of smile. 😊

Every part of this place is instagram-worthy. Filled with flowers, books and sayings. 


And of course the food and drinks they serve are delicious. 

Since I've been to Coffee Project many times before especially in Vito Cruz to the point that the barista knows my name and I've already tried almost all their meals and drinks, so below, I've list down my recommendations:


Dark Chocolate

Hot Drinks 


Rice Meals

Beef Tapa

Boneless Bangus

All their pasta tastes so good! 




California Kani Salad (Honestly, I'm n ot a fan of Salad but surprisingly I love this one) 

I know you love the place, don't you? So, what are you waiting for? Visit Coffee Project Bacolod and enjoy the beautiful place and delicious foods. Plus, the free internet connection.

Follow their facebook page, for more information: Coffee Project

That's all for this blog! 

See you again on our next journey! 

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