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Hello bellas! There’s a lot of things in my mind that I want to do once I finish my 14-day quarantine. Such as: Buy skin care products suitable for these cool months.  Catch up with old friends. Eat at local restaurants/coffeeshops I've missed so much.  But first thing first.  So, after I finished my 14-day quarantine, I went to Watsons-SM City Bacolod. I used to hate it when a sales person is following me around but I appreciate it now. I don't want to spend too long in the mall and with her assistance, I find the things I need to buy right away in lower prices. I am so happy with this haul and I thought of sharing it with you all. Let's begin!  DOVE GENTLE EXFOLIATING NOURISHING BODY WASH 550 ML BUY 1 TAKE 1 (P289.00) Now that I’m living with my parents I want to buy supplies that is good for the whole family.  And this body wash is perfect for us.  The one at the back is already open and I personally enjoy using it either with my hands or with a l


God is always on time.  We may feel that His response is taking too long but actually His timing is just perfect. Never early. Never late. And my journey back into my hometown will testify to that. If you don't know yet, I'm a country girl who followed her dreams in the capital city. You can read my story of Leap of Faith here . For over two years of living in the city, I feel the longing to go back into my hometown and to be with my family. And it was heightened by the COVID19 outbreak. I bought a plane ticket during the second month of Enhance Community Quarantine. And honestly on my mind, " coronavirus will be gone by June.  Everything will go back to normal."  But it didn't!  Comes July, and I lost my job that month.  It's a good thing, I only bought one-way ticket which I also took it as a sign from God that it is His will for me to go home... for I don't know how long. Only God knows. All I want is to see my family whom I never seen for a


I am an empath. I have a gift to feel the emotion of others. I have a gift to sympathize with others. And October has been a long hard month for me. I feel negative energy worse than any other month of this year. It caused me a little pain and a little discomfort because I don't understand where its coming from... Where these feelings are coming from?  Is it still from others or is it already my own?  I had sleepless nights, panic attacks and inability to relax.  B ut I take this gift as a blessing to help others who are also suffering from anxiety, to let them feel that they are not alone in their journey.  The population of empath may be rare, but anyone can help. And someone is needing your help right now. Look around.  A family. Friends. Workmates.  Even a strong person needs someone to be there for her/him. Check them.  Help them.  Here are 10 Ways on How to Help Someone with Anxiety: 1. Learn to Recognize the Symptoms of Anxiety With this new normal, the only thin


Hello everyone! This blog post is to everyone who has a passion for writing and want to share it to the world but don't know where to begin with. I will show you the step by step guide on how to create a blog through  Blogger , it is an American blog-publishing service  developed by Pyra Labs,  which was bought by Google  in 2003. Anyone can create a blog through Blogger.  All you need is some apps, tools and a hundred percent of courage to pursue your passion. No laptop? No problem. I used my mobile phone in blogging. No wi-fi? No problem. I used mobile data in accessing blogger. No money? No problem. I registered my blog for free from its subdomain Don't let those things hinder you from doing what you really love. You ready future bloggers? Let's begin! HOW TO CREATE A BLOG: STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR BEGINNER'S Step 1: You should have a google account. If you don't have one  click here to create account . Step 2: Go to Google and search the


Hello bookworms! The only book I have read for the month of October is this,   A Million Scars and a Broken Heart by  Joena San Diego It's always been my dream to buy her books but the only thing that's holding me is the shipping fee. Good thing! They  had their first 9/9 campaign - fre e shipping for orders 500 pesos and above. This  book is worth 230 pesos. Free shipping. Thanks to my friend who also bought a book entitled "Through It All" worth 280 pesos. This is not what I have planned to read for the month of October but I have found this month a challenging one, and I am in need of books that will help me face reality with a strong spirit instead of fantasy books that will just let me hide in my own world.  And this book is a perfect choice!  A Million Scars and a Broken Heart will let you revisit  t he scar of the past, the scar of forgiveness, the scar of waiting, the scar of words, the scar of expectations, the scar of emotions and the broken hear


Hello bellas! In today's blog, I will be giving my review for the Garnier Glow Up Starter Kit t hat includes Micellar Water, Vitamin C Serum and Whitening Serum Cream. Did I glow up by using these products? Hmm...  Let's find out. I prepared selfies this time.  Charan!  That's me, taken on October 1, 2020 -fresh from bath, barefaced and you  will see a pimple mark on the upper right side of my lip.  There are four uninvited guests on my face last month when I started using skin care products, the three just clear out on their own in almost a week, but this one marked on my face for over a month now!  It's my first time to have a pimple mark and I'm not comfortable seeing it. Not now that I'm taking care of my skin.  So, I bought the  Garnier Glow Up Starter Kit  because it claims to fade dark spots in three days. I use the Garnier Micellar Water twice a day right after washing my face with soap. Then I apply the Vitamin C Serum also twice a day. Last is the Whit


Hello bellas! So , I've already consumed the 25ml Celeteque DermoScience Hydration facial wash and toner on the 28th day of September which I started using on the 1st day of the same month. You can read my journey to skin care  here and the result of Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Products on my combination skin type here . Moving forward, I went to Watsons near my place that day to buy it again BUT-  The Security Guard, yes, the Security Guard not the Sales Lady haha suggested otherwise.  I bought it and also some new items, I mean, new to me. And I thought of sharing my Watsons haul with you all.  Let's begin with the the product suggested by the Security Guard: GARNIER GLOW UP STARTER KIT (P109.00) I had a hard time pronouncing Garnier, so, I asked  wikipedia for help, according to it, garnier is pronounce as garniay (French pronunciation).  It's a good thing they come up with a starter kit perfect for someone who will try the products for the


Are you searching for the signs of a dead end relationship in the internet as a confirmation of what you are experiencing at the moment?  I f you stumbled upon this post, let me tell you, a  couple of years ago, I was you. I was once in a happy relationship, but it wasn't a happy ever after, we hit the dead end road in our journey to eight years.  And it made every waking moments of my life so hard! I went to work in a restaurant, providing customer experience with a heavy burden in my heart. Can you imagine that? B ut I told myself, when I overcome it, I'm gonna share it to the world so that no one would settle for that kind of relationship no matter how long that is.  And here I am now, sharing the "7 Warning Signs Your Relationship is Heading to the Dead End Road" through my blog which means, I've overcome it! Woooh! Thanks be to God and to my friends who's been my support system in overcoming that struggle in my life.  OK. Let's start our t