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Are you searching for the signs of a dead end relationship in the internet as a confirmation of what you are experiencing at the moment?  I f you stumbled upon this post, let me tell you, a  couple of years ago, I was you. I was once in a happy relationship, but it wasn't a happy ever after, we hit the dead end road in our journey to eight years.  And it made every waking moments of my life so hard! I went to work in a restaurant, providing customer experience with a heavy burden in my heart. Can you imagine that? B ut I told myself, when I overcome it, I'm gonna share it to the world so that no one would settle for that kind of relationship no matter how long that is.  And here I am now, sharing the "7 Warning Signs Your Relationship is Heading to the Dead End Road" through my blog which means, I've overcome it! Woooh! Thanks be to God and to my friends who's been my support system in overcoming that struggle in my life.  OK. Let's start our t


To my dearest readers!  This is an impromptu blog. I just wanted to share the milestone in my blogging journey.  I've been blogging for almost seven months now and I've already created seven blog post out of my own experiences in life.  Just a quick recap,  Blog #1:  LEAP OF FAITH: 3 TIPS BEFORE YOU TAKE IT  where I shared the mistakes I did, the lessons I learned and my faith in moving to the capital city that my fellow  probinsyana  should take note before they pack their bags and go.  Blog #2:  26 THINGS I REALIZED IN 26 YEARS  where I shared the things I realized in my 26 years of journey in this thing called life, mostly about self, family, friendship, love, passion, career and finance that the next generation of youth can learn from.  Blog #3:  19 THINGS TO DO DURING THE ENHANCE COMMUNITY QUARANTINE  where I shared the things we can do during those times so that staying at home will be a well spent one instead of stressing over from the cancelled plans.  Then


Hello bookworms! One fact about me, I am inlove with autumn. And this coming September 22 other countries will officially welcome that season. Oh look at that 😍 That  guy posing in that breath-taking view is my classmate in freshmen year.  While here I am in the Philippines just imagining myself that I am in the middle of that beautiful scenery of trees with colorful leaves, my left hand is holding a mug of hot coffee and my right hand is holding a book.  Is it just me? Or do you love autumn too?  Wish we could go to other countries someday... Well, let's claim it!!  But in the meantime, let our minds journey into the fantasy world as I share with you the fantasy books I've read and I'm currently reading for this month of September plus my top three favorite lines.  C'mon! 1. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare I've seen 'Shadowhunter' in Netflix and I have this habit to google the film or tv show first before I


Hello beautiful ladies! I'm back with the review of Celeteque DermoScience Hydration products I bought last September first and the exfoliating facial wash a week after.  I started using it from the day I bought it. And I am so happy that I have finally established a skin care routine where I can let my skin feel that she is well-taken care of. What's even more happier is knowing that Celeteque is a Filipino brand under Unilab! And as a filipino, it is my utmost desire to support local brands. <3 They have five product lines: anti-acne, anti-aging, brightening, hydration, and sun care. All products are d ermatologist-tested on filipino skin for filipino skin, n on-comedogenic  so it does not block or clog pores and h ypoallergenic  unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.  The product line I bought is under hydration. It claims 90% softer, smoother, and moisture-balanced skin that usually took two weeks of regular use to see visible results.  And today marks m


Hello beautiful ladies! Today, I will share with you on how I began my journey in taking care of my skin. From knowing my skin type, to choosing the products suitable for my skin type. And affordable!!  If you are following my blog, you know that I lost my job recently that makes me more conservative in terms of spending money. But if you will ask me about time, oh! I am enjoying my free time!! My free time gives me a lot of ideas to write on my blog. And some of those are, skin care and product reviews.  In this blog, I will share the three simple steps I took before I bought skin care products that beginner's can use as a guide.  Honestly, I don't really have a skin care routine, not until September 1, 2020. Because I am this kind of frugal person who doesn't want to spend money going to clinic for check-ups and buying skin care products. And I am afraid to play doctor on myself and just buy products without consulting a dermatologist.  Perhaps you're wond