God is always on time. 

We may feel that His response is taking too long but actually His timing is just perfect. Never early. Never late.

And my journey back into my hometown will testify to that.

If you don't know yet, I'm a country girl who followed her dreams in the capital city. You can read my story of Leap of Faith here.

For over two years of living in the city, I feel the longing to go back into my hometown and to be with my family. And it was heightened by the COVID19 outbreak.

I bought a plane ticket during the second month of Enhance Community Quarantine. And honestly on my mind, "coronavirus will be gone by June. Everything will go back to normal." But it didn't! 

Comes July, and I lost my job that month. It's a good thing, I only bought one-way ticket which I also took it as a sign from God that it is His will for me to go home... for I don't know how long. Only God knows. All I want is to see my family whom I never seen for almost a year. 

Originally my flight was October 28, 2020 at 7pm. 

"Originally" because my flight has been cancelled and changed thrice! That every time I received a text message, I panicked! For I thought it's from Cebu Pacific informing me that my flight is either cancelled or changed AGAIN. 

I can't relax even after I opened the message and found out that it was not from what I have thought. I'm thinking, they will going to message again! My flight will either be cancel or change again! I'm thinking the worst-case scenario. 

I will only calm down when I'm already on board. 

And it was a few weeks more. I wasted that month overthinking things! 


It's because I put my faith to the airline not to God!

But you know what is amazing? 

Even when I was faithless, God remains faithful! 

Even when I was faithless, God remains faithful!

Even when I was faithless, God remains faithful!

When I was busy thinking the worst-case scenario, God was busy preparing for my flight, the airport, airplane, the pilot, the cabin crew, the weather and all to give me the safe trip I have been praying for. 

At the end of the day, I repented for I live in doubt and thanked God for that delay. Delaying my flight saved me from Typhoon Quinta.

I arrived in NAIA Terminal 3 on October 29, 2020 at 3:20 am. And my epic journey started:

I checked-in my baggage and unfortunately it exceed by 2 kilograms and I paid 900 pesos for it. 

I got frustrated with myself because I can put the 2 kilograms on my hand carry but I haven't thought of it. I tried so hard to turn my frustration into motivation to find a job that will pay more than 900 pesos.

Then on my way to the boarding gate, my handcarry and I was checked for one last time and they've detected something that is not allowed inside. And it was my alcohol because of its size (250ml). So I traveled in the midst of COVID19 pandemic with no alcohol. Haha. But I live. I did. 

The weather is fine. Our flight is smooth. My seatmate were all nice. 

We landed in Silay Airport at 7:30 am. I waited for my baggage and lined up for swab test, only to find out, the line is for other cities, not for my city! 

And I was left by the city's service that will bring me to the quarantine facility!

Oh my gawd. I feel so embarrassed with myself but again, I tried to see things positively. That God has a reason why I was left in the aiport. I let myself think that it was His way of saving me from medical staff that will give me pain in performing swabtest.

And that embarrassing moment quickly turned into overwhelming feeling for the assistance of the airport staffs, my family, barangay and Church community. 

After 5 hours of waiting... 

I was fetched in the aiport and was brought in a School Facility where I am the only one who will occupy the whole classroom and the whole second floor. And the last words of the teacher were "make sure to lock the door because most occupants here were men. There are also women but we can't put you near them because they are a close contact of a COVID19 positive." 

The thought of me being alone in the whole classroom and the whole floor, surrounded by strange people scares me! 

I cried and asked for my papa to come and stay even just on the gate for a night. I will be at peace if there's a person I know in a strange place and with strange people. But the selfless part of me is worried for him for he was 61 years old. 

My sister called the School Facility if someone could check on me from time to time. And they said, there will be seven person that will arrive at 7pm. So, I told papa not to come anymore. But 7pm had passed, the seven person had not yet to arrive.

I just find comfort to my churchmate who used to sleep in their office alone. She told me, "sometimes you need to be alone to find your strength. And ghosts are all in your mind. Don't think of it, you'll just frightened yourself."

So, I blocked any ghosts-related thoughts, covered myself with blanket even though it's hot and I'm sweating, play music until I was drifted off to sleep. 

A new day has come. I am schedule for swabtest. 

The nurse inserted a long stick that looks like a cotton buds, first on my nasal and she let me say "aaaah" while she twirls it for almost five seconds. Then both of my nostrils. And its done. The pain disappear as soon as she took the stick out of my nasal and nostrils. I can rate the pain 5 out of 10. I am in faith this time that I will have a negative result. 

I got a little anxious when the sun sets and darkness loomed over the place. I am really not comfortable sleeping alone even when I was still in Manila. 

But I know that God did not brought me there to suffer from nervous breakdown but to overcome my fear to sleep alone!

On my third day. 

There's a group of people who arrived late in the evening. Second floor and third floor were occupied. But I learned that they're not using my comfort room which I am so thankful. 

I am so thankful to everything that had happened. From being left behind in the airport that led me in that Quarantine Facility where I am the only one who will stay in the room and the only one who will use the comfort room. 

God is protecting me and at the same time teaching me to be patient in waiting for hours and to overcome my fears. 

On my sixth day. 

I met a familiar face, a sister of my churchmate in Victory-Bacolod. And because of our meeting, her sister and I reconnected. And I think that's the highlight of my stay in that Quarantine Facility. 

Indeed, it was not an accident that I was left behind in the airport that led me in that Quarantine Facility. God designed it so that I will meet someone after three days that will connect me with my spiritual family. 

On my seventh day. 

It was announced that we are all negative! And we can go home! 

Finally! After all the anxieties I've been through, the processing of requirements, my epic journey, seven days quarantine I can now be with my family. 

I am on my thirteenth day of quarantine as of this writing. 

I am allowed to go out, hug and kiss my family after one more day!

That's all for this blog!

I hope that you've learn something from my journey back into my hometown that the delays I've encountered is not God's denial. I may feel that those are "delays" but actually those are set up by God to reveal His power and glory. 

It was a lesson to me, that I should adjust my time, align to God. We all should. Because as you can see, God makes all things beautiful in His time. More than we can imagine. 

So much love, 


  1. This is so beautiful and so, so true. The lessons are bountiful. You were wise enough to see ❤

  2. This is so beautiful and it to me at a right time. Right now I am at a shaky place because my father is very ill and I question God about why hasn't he gotten better already. It's painful emotionally, but I am trying to be patient and wait on God.

    1. Hi Rebekah! I'm so blessed to learn that you find this blog post helpful.

      I believe that God allowed your father to get sick not to make you suffer but to show you that His power is even greater.

      May you continue to live in faith.

      I am with you, praying for healing for your father. 🙏


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